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Thank You Joe Trippi and Jeff Jarvis!

Although my new book is hardly even in bookstores yet, I'm pleased that it's getting some attention (although we're still waiting to see if any of the major media will review it).

Here's what former Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi had to say about blog!:

BlogRevolt is a new blog that people should check out if they are interested in how blogs are changing things.

David Kline started the blog a few weeks ago — but he has also co-authored a book with Dan Burstein. David and Dan interviewed me for the book some months ago — but I really did not know what to expect from the interview.

Their book is a must read. When I wrote “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” I really hoped that other books would be coming out that expanded and explained the true communications revolution that we are in — Kline and Burstein have done that with "Blog!"

And then Jeff Jarvis over at Buzzmachine was also kind enough to mention the book:

I got a galley of Blog! by Dan Burstein and David Kline. Among other things, it compiles interviews with a host of bloggers (me included), among them: Scoble, Shirky, Cox, Huffington, Denton, Wheaton, Curry, Ito, Trippi, Kos, Rosen, Simon, MacKinnon, Calacanis, Lee (the agent), Teachout, and more. If only it were a podcast!
Thanks also to marketing communications expert Jane Genova and Internet technology consultant and democracy activist Jon Lebkowsky for also mentioning my book.


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I'm surprised Jarvis didn't make the blogroll section of your book.

So am I.

I didn't assemble the blogroll in the book, but at least Jarvis' excellent Buzzmachine is blogrolled on my site.

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