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Media Praise for Blog Book

Sunday, November 6, was a red-letter day for my book. Three newspapers ran favorable reviews:

From Clive Davis, writing in the Washington Times:

"If you want to gauge how far we have actually traveled, "Blog!" does a fine job of assembling a road map. [It's] a valuable introduction to an uncharted realm. The main lesson of this book is that blogs, whatever their ultimate future, have given individuals a voice all their own. Oppressive governments and fast-buck corporations are still struggling to find a way of silencing them."

And from Carlin Romano of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

[Kline and Burstein are] savvy, sensible survivors of previous bubbles of irrational exuberance. [They] dub their approach "real-world futurism." They're excited by blogging, but alert to market-driven puff. As a result, blog! -- an anthology that mixes smart previously published pieces with interviews on its subject and guiding essays by the pair -- provides a sophisticated intro to [blogging].

And finally, from Hugh Hewitt, author of his own book on blogging, writing in the New York Post:

"You will want to read this book if you are in anyway connected with information and especially with politics, marketing or media. The book comprehensively surveys the business implications of the blogosphere's rise, including seminal articles on the growth of the blogs as well as informative interviews with big thinkers in the blogging world. There's also a fine set of essays/interviews on blogging and media. The conversation with blogger Jonathan Schwartz, president and COO of Sun Micro systems - the company has encouraged all of its 32,000 employees to blog - will more than return the price of the book to any executive with a marketing department (no matter how many copies that executive buys). To find out why, buy the book."

Oh yeah, lest I forget, there was this Publisher's Weekly review back on October 17:

"In this dense and entertaining analysis of the 'new paradigm for human communication,' journalists Kline and Burstein examine the notion that weblogs, or "blogs," are redefining journalism and media consumption and conclude that, while blogging may not signal the death of big media, it has measurably impacted everything from political campaigns-as evidenced by Howard Dean's presidential bid-to the life of former child star Wil Wheaton, who found his "second act" in a tell-all blog about the humiliations of show business."


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Hello and congratulations to you on the publication of your book.
I read The Washington Times review with interest, especially this - "The Kryptonite story, like some of the political anecdotes, turns up more than once in the text."
I'd like to point out for your readers that, although I could be wrong, I don't believe you contacted Kryptonite at all before writing this book. As Shel Israel, Robert Scoble and Debbie Weil have all learned while writing their books on blogging there is more to the story that what was widely spread online. And, things that were online were missed the first time around. Maybe your account will be different and accurate. I will read it with interest.

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