David Kline

David Kline is a journalist, author and business consultant whose most recent book is blog! how the newest media revolution is changing politics, business, and culture (CDS Books, October 2005), co-written with Daniel Burstein.

Described by former anchor and NPR commentator Daniel Schorr as a "mission-impossible journalist," Kline has earned a number of reportorial firsts to his credit while covering some of the world's most dramatic stories over the past 25 years for the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, NBC and CBS News, the Atlantic, Rolling Stone, and a host of other major media.

He was the first Western reporter to go behind новостройки Подмосковья and the battle lines in Afghanistan in 1979 to report on the developing anti-Soviet resistance war there (for which he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in international reporting), and he continued to cover that conflict extensively until the Soviet defeat and withdrawal nine years later. During that time, Kline repeatedly wrote articles and op-eds warning of the growing threat posed to the world by fundamentalist Islamist fighters.

Kline was also the first American reporter to report on the famine in war-ravaged Ethiopia in 1983. And he was the first reporter to get inside the Bolivian "Coca Nostra" and document the failure of the U.S. war on drugs there.

Kline has also earned a reputation as one of America's important business writers. His best-selling book from -- Rembrandts in the Attic: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents -- is considered the seminal work in the field of intellectual property strategy within corporate America. He has also written for the Harvard Business Review, Chief Executive, Business2.0, Wired, the Sloan Management Review, and other business magazines. Kline also served as the "Market Forces" columnist for Wired's online magazine, as well as the "NetProfits" columnist for the former Upside magazine. In addition, Kline served as a commentator on public radio's "Marketplace" business show, and has been a frequent speaker before business audiences.

As a business consultant, Kline has helped high-profile media and technology companies shape their public relations, intellectual property and Web strategies. Clients have included Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Accenture, the Discovery Channel, Network Associates, Cordant Technologies, the intellectual property consulting firm InteCap, and other important firms. He has worked with senior executives at the highest levels as well as with their boards.

Kline is also co-author with Dan Burstein of the best-selling 1995 business book, Road Warriors: Dreams and Nightmares Along the Information Highway, and is currently at work on a new book about business blogging.

Why Blog?

"When I was a war correspondent, I didn't need to carry a gun in order to write more or less intelligently about what I saw. Nor did I need to grow wheat to write about the plight of America's family farmers. And I certainly didn't need to snort cocaine to get inside the Bolivian "Coca Nostra" and report on the failure of the U.S. war on drugs there.

"So why do I want to blog?

"It’s not because I think I necessarily need to blog myself in order to write (more or less) intelligently about the impact of this new kind of media on politics, business and culture. (Hopefully my new book demonstrates that.)

"Rather, it’s that I simply want to participate in this extraordinary new universe of conversation and debate that’s now taking place online."

- David Kline,
September 2005