Bang for Your Buck: Getting the Best Router under 200

There are a lot of routers but you probably want to get the best router under 200 dollars. With 200 dollars as your ceiling, you can pretty much get most types of routers. Although the choices are many, there are some of them in this class are “the elite’ ones. Here are some recommended routers under 200 dollars. Check out this list on the best router under 200.

The high-end ASUS RT-AC87U

As the successor of Asus RT-AC68U, the Asus RT-AC87U provides you with powerful performance. The hardware is pretty much higher compared to its predecessor. Equipped with high-end features and friendly user interface (UI), this wifi is also considered the fastest wireless routers on its class. With features like those, this one is the first in the list of the best router under 200.

The famously famous Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800

The second on this list of the best router under 200 is the famous Netgear’s. Coming from the most famous brand in wireless routers, Netgear offers you the Nighthawk X4S R7800. It is the upgraded version of Netgear’s Nighthawk X4, so you can expect a powerful performance from this wireless router. Beasty performance and a couple of great features, this wireless routers mostly comparable to other routers in the upper class.  That being said, it is why this wifi router should be on your list if you plan to buy one under 200 dollars.

LINKSYS also offer you their LINKSYS WRT1900AC

As the successor of Linksys WRT54G, the WRT 1900AC is considered as one of the most popular routers in the world. Although there is no cutting-edge feature to its predecessor, it is clearly an upgraded version since its performance is more powerful and stable. It still has the same feature as the previous version with improved performance. Based on that, you can expect more from this router especially if you have used the previous version which is the WRT54G. This product is the third in our list of the best router under 200, which is a bit nice actually.

Last but not least, the Synology RT1900AC

Famous for its NAS product, Synology now offers you one of its greatest wireless routers. Synology RT1900AC is a great wireless router and a lot of tech reviewer have a great expectation regarding its overall performance (so no wonder I put this one as the best router under 200). Because this product is quite new, RT1900AC should compete with another 1900AC router that has been released two or three years before. Its NAS features are its selling point and what makes this router comparable to other superior routers on under 200 dollars class.

200 dollars is a lot, and surely there are also lots of best router under 200 to choose on the market (so there is no limitation to your option). Equipped with powerful features for your daily use, those wireless routers above are considered as the elite routers on its class. You can comfortably access youtube or reddit with ease with the best router under 200 dollars.