Get the Best Wifi Router under 100 for Your Home

When it comes to the best wifi router under 100 dollars, some brands might come up into your mind. TP-Link and Asus are common brands for good wifi, but there are also some brands that pack quite a punch. They are all dependable and powerful enough to be used daily, either at home or office. Here is the list about best wifi router under 100.

You can first choose the TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750

The first on our list of best wifi router under 100 is the one from TP-Link. TP-Link is a benchmark brand for the router, so no wonder that its 100-dollar class router is top notch. Compared to another brand in the same price category, the TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 covers a wider area. It is also considerably faster than another router in its class. Efficient and powerful, you can go to your nearby local stores to get one of this installed in your home. With features such as these, it is no wonder this one is the best wifi router under 100.

Second, the nicely named SECURITY ALMOND TOUCHSCREEN

The second best wifi router under 100 is the Securifi Almond. As a router, the Securifi Almond Touchscreen gets its title right. It is equipped with a touchscreen that can be used to configure and set the wifi to your likings and compatibility. Aside from that, this wifi’s ability to act as an extender from another router around the home is very useful if your house is quite large. Although it only delivers a single frequency, which is limited to 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz. What makes people love this first Securifi wifi product is its design. Because of its touchscreen, it has a different shape compared to the standard router. This router is the best wifi router under 100 if you are looking for a more ‘modern’ (because of the touchscreen, of course) networking experience.

Or, if else fail, there is always the ASUS RT N66U N900

As powerful as the brand name, the Asus N900 is a decent wifi router on its class. Seamless performance, compatibility, and dual-band frequencies will make all of your gadget connected to the internet easily. Its best performance is when you set the router to be on 802.11n mode. But of course, the mode may be not as fast as it should be, depending on your location. Although it is released in 2019, this router still packs quite a punch compared to the newer router on the same class. This is a bit old, but it is still the best wifi router under 100 that came out in 2019.

As time goes on, people’s need for connectivity to the internet is important. That is why people buy and rely on their wifi router to live their life. Finding a cheaper router with powerful performance is a must. Based on that, the three best wifi router under 100 should be enough for your daily use.