The BS9: The Best Electric Shaver to Go to Town to

Sometimes, men have to admit that they require the best electric shaver in hand to get their business done. Shaving can be an activity that is bottom clenching for some, especially if they are a novice shaver (if that term does not exist, I am coining it) or if the shaver is not on par with the job requirement. Shaving is daunting, and believe me when I say that our first shave is probably the most anxious riddled one. Thoughts like ‘what if I cut my skin while doing it’ or ‘what if the beard grows even more thicker after I have shaved it’ might naturally come to us who have only reached puberty, but those thoughts will go as you grow older. As you moves into maturity, shaving will become something that you should do in order to get that business look or to impress your facial-hair hating girl (or men, if you are a girl with a beard or a moustache). It will become a habit that you look forward to getting done, and you will not be afraid with it anymore.

That is, if your razor is not blunt at least. Nothing is even worse than having a blunt razor when you want to shave.

For that specific reason, I want to show you a razor that can handle any types of facial hairs well.

Introducing to all of you: The Braun Series 9

Or as I would like to call it, the BS9 electric shaver. This pinnacle of German engineering is basically a beast when it faces facial hairs. If I may personify facial hairs, the legs of those hairs will tremble at the thought of getting themselves shaved by this shaver. They will wet their beds everytime the name BS9 is mentioned, and succor will be the first thing they look for if ever the name BS9 was whispered. BS9 will stop at nothing when it ravages those nasty hairs of your face. It is hungry for the end of hairs, waiting for another batch of its unwilling victims, destroying any trace of hair in its path (unless there is a power outage, of course).

It is also very popular amongst men and women alike, helping them no matter what what genders they identify as. If there is a trace of facial pollution that is the tiniest speck of hair, the BS9 will be there to save the day.

I have many reasons that can help you steer clear of other shavers and instead opt for this one. Let me start with the first thing: the looks.

The silver-chrome finish of this beauty

There is a reason why people love simplicity, and this electric shaver basically has the looks department covered. It is simple, it is lovely, and it is made of plastic, which should be a good thing for those with leeks for arms.

While it is made of plastic, it is stronger than your ordinary plastic. The plastic in use in here is not the plastic that your local snack vendor use to hold your fizzy drinks, no. The plastic in use in here is the strongest in its department, making it the envy of its plastic peers.

It is gripping

Men love getting gripped, especially when they get gripped on few specific places. One of those few specific places is the facial area, more specifically around the beard and the moustache area. Any man worth his salt will never like it if the razor they use does not give the feeling of gripping their target area. The BS9 does just that. It grips the facial hair tighter than a nun and her religious conviction, and when it has done gripping the thing, the blade of the shaver will go down on that hair like a guillotine blade on a certain French queen’s head.

It does so by using a shear system that works in a four way, all made of different cutting elements. BS9 manufacturer themselves said that the thing cut facial hair with a staggering amount of 40,000 cuts per minute. Now nobody knows and nobody can prove (unless you want to manually count the cuts, which I suspect you would never do) whether or not the company man is speaking the truth, but the shaver works pretty well if you ask me. The BS9, is one of the best electric shaver in store at the moment, and we are just getting started in talking about it, so stay tuned for a more detailed explanation on it.